14th Feb 2018 – Newsletter

Richard Stock – Head Coach update

Unfortunately Richard has decided that he is retiring from tennis coaching and therefore leaving his Head Coaching role at Trull Tennis Club.  Richard still wishes to be a member of the club and is working with the Committee to ensure that some, if not all, of his group sessions will continue, albeit with a different coach. In particular Saturday morning coaching will continue.   John Barrington will be in touch direct with parents of junior members.


John has approached two local coaches who are looking to see how they can help out in the short term as we are very keen to maintain the good work which Richard has achieved in a short space of time.  We will let members know what is going to be available shortly.  We are advertising with the LTA for a replacement Head Coach for Trull and are hopeful that there will be good interest.  The closing date is Monday 5th March and then the Committee will undertake a selection process for the most suitable.


Saturday afternoon social tennis

Please come along from 2 pm onwards.  Cathie and Sarah would like to see as many of you ‘social’ players as possible this Saturday afternoon.  (The weather forecast is looking more promising than last week!!).  It is hoped that Saturday afternoons will be a regular weekly occurrence where you just come along and play and socialise with  fellow club members.


Wimbledon Tickets/Ballot

Please remember that the deadline for opting in for the Wimbledon Ballot is 23rd February 2018.  If you are currently a British Tennis Member (BTM) then you just need to respond to emails which you have been sent from the LTA reminding you to opt in.  YOU HAVE TO DO THIS EACH YEAR.  If you are not currently a British Tennis Member, then please go on to the LTA website for further information as to how to get one and opt in.  It is free. www.lta.org.uk/member


The importance of becoming an ‘opted in’ BTM is that the more members opted in we have as a tennis club the more Wimbledon Tickets we get allocated each year.  If you are not opted in then you cannot get Wimbledon tickets via Trull Tennis Club when we ‘raffle’ the right to buy the tickets we have been allocated.



As many members will be aware there have been ongoing issues with the floodlight failure, primarily on the bottom courts.  Electricians have been out and hopefully the issues has been resolved.  However due to the age of the lights it is likely that further problems will be encountered and to that end the Committee are now working on a complete overhaul of the floodlights on all 4 courts.  We are actively looking at various systems and costing options.  As you will appreciate this is a highly complex issue, that is also potentially highly expensive and the committee take the view that it is absolutely crucial that the right decision is made.  Please bear with us and be assured that progress is being made towards our goal of completely revamping the lighting system with a modern solution to serve the club’s need for many years to come.


New Member Taster Sessions 2018

We are planning on having New Member Taster sessions again this year on Wednesday 4th April, Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th April in the evenings.  These sessions are free for adults to come along and try out the club.  Further details will follow but if you have any friends/family who may be interested in joining please invite them along.

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