Zillah Morris – Welfare Officer & LTA Audit Survey

Dear Fellow Members

I am Zillah Morris, my involvement at Trull Lawn Tennis Club is as a parent and Welfare Officer.


The club, since June 2018, has been required to have a range of measures in place including:

  • Welfare Officer post
  • Safeguarding Policies
  • Clear systems and processes to support safe play
  • Appropriate checks on club personnel
  • Creating and maintaining a safe environment for all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Leadership Committee as well as specifically John Barrington, Chairman and Jon Warren as Head Coach on achieving an environment where we all take our responsibilities seriously whilst seamlessly promoting and supporting the tennis club in many different ways.

Please can I respectfully ask that we all make ourselves familiar with the Codes of Conduct, Fair Play, Safeguarding policies and processes in order that we to continue to prosper as an inclusive, friendly and safe local village tennis club.  All documents and information have been available both in the clubhouse on the Welfare Board and online at the website www.trulltennis.co.uk for the last year.


In general we’ve had some super tennis weather over the last year- although at Trull only the most severe of weather conditions seems to stop players on court! 

The Saturday morning junior and youth members club coaching is well supported and always great fun with a welcome mix of ages and abilities.  It is wonderful to see. For those who are competitive with their drive and hunger to get better and succeed in their own way, alongside those who want to have some fun and meet new people as well as quietly improve week on week; Trull is the place for everyone.

The Adults have a thriving set of both friendly and competitive teams where we see many practice and social nights throughout the week well attended.  If, like me, time is sometimes difficult, give it a go!  You will always be welcomed and included.

Jon Warren, Head Coach,  provides a variety of coaching opportunities for you all- all ages and abilities.  Please make sure you contact him about any of your short term or long term coaching requirements across the seasons.

Finally, as Welfare Officer, clearly it is important for me to ensure we have a safe, fair and fun tennis club here in Trull.  Please don’t hesitate to get involved and enjoy tennis.  I am very happy to field any queries at any time in relation to any of the above information or topics.

LTA Audit on Safeguarding:

We have an visit and Audit by the LTA on 27th August 2019 to check that we have all the correct posts, policies, and most importantly safe and inclusive culture here at Trull.  The following is from the LTA and I would be very grateful (if you have read thus far!) to complete the short survey they have produced.

Many thanks and keep enjoying your tennis!


From the LTA

The LTA are evaluating the effectiveness of safeguarding measures in place at Trull and the purpose of this survey is to seek your feedback. Your views and opinions are vitally important to achieving this.

The LTA is administering this survey and will be collating the results. An anonymised summary of the results of the survey will be shared with the club.

The survey will be open until about the beginning of September and will take around 5 minutes to complete. To access the survey, please use the following link:


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the LTA on safeguarding@LTA.org.uk or 0208 487 7000